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Rails4 , Faster loading with turbolinks

The Ruby on Rails version 4.0.0 has been just released. The team took one and half years for development, Rails 4 comes with some interesting new features such as  Turbolinks, improved caching and thread-saf e. Turbolinks c hanges your Rails application into a single page JavaScript application, that is, it doesn't load new pages but instead replaces the current page with new content from the server. [ This is similar to pjax , but here we dont need to worry about wh ich element on the page to replace, and combi ning the server-side response to add , Th e entire body will be replaced ] Few major points on Turbolinks 1. Less Execution time : - Turbolinks makes following links in your web application faster. Turbolinks  won't allow the browser to recompile the JavaScript and CSS between each page change/loading, it keeps the current page there itself and replaces only the body and the title in the head. Execution time of code depends. The more CSS an