Ruby Count, Length & Size

These methods can be applied on Arrays, Hashes or Objects.  Here I'm just trying to illustrate the difference between count, length and size.


Basically length method returns number of elements in the array.
Example, suppose we have array arr as,
arr = [1,2,3,4,5]
Calling Array#length method on array will give result as,

 => 5 


Array#size is just an alias to the Array#length method. This method executes same as that of Array#length method internally.

 => 5 


It has more functionalities than length or size. This method can be used for getting number of elements based on some condition. Unlike length/size, we can pass block or an argument to count.
This can be called in three ways:
  • Array#count => without condition, Returns number of elements in Array
  • Array#count(n) => passing value, Returns number of elements having value n in Array
  • Array#count{|i|} => passing block, Returns count based on condition invoked on each element array

Way 1:
=> 5
Way 2:
arr.count 3
=> 1
Way 3:
c.count{|n| n < 4}
=> 3


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