Rails Kaminari - Ajax pagination

Here is a simple way to implement AJAX pagination using Kaminari gem.

Suppose, We are having a Product Model with fields id and name.

So, In the ProductsController,

def index
  @products =  Product.all.page(params[:page]).per(params[:per])
   respond_to do |format|

in view file index.html.haml

    = render 'products'
    = paginate @products, :remote => true

And create _products.html.haml(this will be rendered from index) with content
    @products.each do |product|
       %td= product.name

Finally, We have to create one more  file _index.js.haml with content

$('#products').html("#{escape_javascript(render 'products')}");
$('#paginator').html("#{escape_javascript(paginate(@products, :remote => true)) }");

This post may help you. Please comment on the same, If you guys have any queries.


  1. Thanks a lot. Works great. My page was named 'about' so my js file is 'about.js.haml', don't work with the '_' . Are you sure that the name for your js file is '_index.js.haml' ? Regards!

    1. Thanks. See, Here I implemented pagination for products. In which, index.haml is the base file where am rendering _products.haml. In order to implement Ajax pagination you should use 2 files. Now read the blog again.

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